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NEWS – DECEMBER 2006     
12/20/2006 Lean Six Sigma Improves Humvee Repairs
12/19/2006 Micro Satellite Launched with Flawless Liftoff
12/19/2006 Officials Announce Changes for Health System
12/18/2006 Safeguarding Information Technology Vital to DoD
12/15/2006 Bush Praises Rumsfeld’s Transformation Efforts
12/15/2006 New Store Illustrates Commissary Transformation
12/15/2006 Computer to Enhance Jointness
12/13/2006 Military Health Care Makes Tremendous Advances
12/12/2006 Countries Sign Joint Strike Fighter Agreements
12/11/2006 New Pay, Personnel System on Horizon
12/11/2006 ‘myPay’ System Improved with New Features
12/8/2006 Rumsfeld Talks about Transformation Initiative
12/7/2006 Spectrum Summit Focuses on Warfighter Needs
12/6/2006 Officials Weigh Need for Africa Command
12/6/2006 Fort Bliss Offers Example, Lessons for BRAC
12/14/2006 Excitement Heating Up Over New Weather Gear
12/14/2006 New Vehicle to Identify Hazards on Battlefield
12/12/2006 New Brigade to Test Warfighter Technologies
12/12/2006 Video E-mail Launches for Deployed Soldiers
12/8/2006 Crews Test Latest Stryker Vehicle for Combat
12/7/2006 Army Initiates Electronic Warfare Capability
12/7/2006 Cold War Leaders Learn About Transformation
12/4/2006 Medical Simulation Center Adds Reality to Training
12/4/2006 Army Reserve Command Goes to Fort Jackson
12/20/2006 Hydrogen Fuel Cell Outperforms Diesel
12/19/2006 New Legislation to Facilitate Total Force
12/18/2006 Roll Call to Help Keep Airmen in the Know
12/18/2006 New Satellite Control Antenna Begins Testing
12/15/2006 Center Designation Consolidates C-5 Maintenance
12/6/2006 Vigilant Shield Sharpens Homeland Defense Skills
12/6/2006 Air Force Units to Share Reserve Reductions
12/5/2006 Air Force Assists Japanese Senior Enlisted
12/5/2006 Orientation Program Highlights Best Practices
12/1/2006 Vigilant Shield to Hone Homeland Defense Skills
12/13/2006 Navy Submarine Deactivates From Service
12/8/2006 Navy SEALs Launch Physical Awareness Program
12/7/2006 Warfare Center to Host Unmanned Vehicle Fest
12/5/2006 Sailors Conduct First Escape From Nuclear Sub
12/3/2006 Navy Assumes Command of Combined Task Forcet
12/13/2006 New Marine Battalion Marks Significant Step
12/1/2006 New Air Traffic Control Simulator for Safer Skies
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