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NEWS – JANUARY 2007     
1/24/2007 Officials Announce Plans for Joint Record System
1/17/2007 Defense News Customized for Mobile Devices
1/16/2007 Simulation Used for Catastrophe Preparation
1/12/2007 Patient Care System Aims to Reduce Errors
1/11/2007 New Guantanamo Facility Safer for Guards
1/10/2007 Law Changes How to Handle Troops' Remains
1/5/2007 New Governance Will Improve Military Health Care
1/4/2007 Multinational Experiment Integrates Operations
1/22/2007 Video Game Teaches Iraqi Language, Culture
1/22/2007 Mechanics Put Armor Between Troops, Enemies
1/19/2007 New Strategy Means New Training Plan
1/16/2007 Invention Saves Humvee-Trapped Soldiers
1/11/2007 Soldiers Practice Rolling Over in Simulator
1/8/2007 Technical Upgrades Help Digitize Battlefield
1/7/2007 Exhibit Connects Public with Army's Latest
1/5/2007 Army Seeks Recommendations for New Patch
1/25/2007 Air Force Improves Climate Assessment Process
1/25/2007 Airmen Test Nonlethal System to Repel Enemy
1/24/2007 New Technology Expands Air Force Combat Capability
1/24/2007 Leaders Embark on First-ever Maintenance Plan
1/23/2007 Symposium to Examine Future Air Warfare
1/22/2007 Revision Approved for Space Operations Doctrine
1/22/2007 B-52 Tests Synthetic Fuel in Cold Weather
1/19/2007 Langley Receives Last Raptor, Completes Fleet
1/18/2007 Web Dashboard Tool Helps Decision Makers
1/18/2007 Smart Ops Targets Transportation Efficiency
1/16/2007 Air Force Dental Clinic Goes Digital
1/13/2007 Training Command Implements New Program
1/10/2007 Air Force Tests Wireless Aircraft Intercom System
1/10/2007 Air Force Eyes Future Changes in Training
1/10/2007 F-22 Scheduled for First Overseas Deployment
1/9/2007 Loading Cargo Improves with Existing Technology
1/5/2007 Officials Outline Basic Research Funding Process
1/3/2007 New Unit Strengthens U.S.-Japan Alliance
1/3/2007 Delegates Visit Hydrogen Fueling Station
1/3/2007 Structural Fire Trainer Saves Lives, Money
1/3/2007 Air Force Leaders Develop Strategic View on Fuel
1/2/2007 Air Force Plans to Upgrade B-2 Spirit Fleet
1/2/2007 Hydrogen-powered Vehicles Sign of Future
1/1/2007 2006 a Year of Transformation for Airmen
1/22/2007 System to Train Sailors on Littoral Combat Ship
1/18/2007 USS Abraham Lincoln Gets Navy Cash at Sea
1/14/2007 Navy Stops Work for Littoral Combat Ship
1/12/2007 Document Works to Improve Return to Readiness
1/10/2007 Enhanced Unmanned Fire Scout Debuts
1/10/2007 Whidbey Island Tests New Shelters for Aircraft
1/7/2007 First State-side Warfare Insignia Presented
1/9/2007 Propeller Installation Marks Vinson Milestone
1/3/2007 Boxer Revamps Trainer Qualification Process
1/24/2007 Marines Test Multipurpose Assault Weapon
1/17/2007 MV-22 Osprey Shows Operational Muscle
1/12/2007 Marines Deliver Modified HEAT Simulator
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