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Dragon Fire Two Mobile Mortar System
The Marines are preparing to deploy “Dragon Fire Two,” a new mobile mortar system to get rounds downrange faster and more accurately than any previous system. This 120-millimeter rifle mortar can fire 10 rounds per minute with a maximum range of 8,200 meters with conventional ammunition and 13,000 meters with rocket assisted ammo. The system incorporates electronic aiming for greater precision. | More Videos |
Dragon Fire Two Mobile Mortar System - Click for Video
Joint Task Force Katrina - Pentagon Channel Update
A Pentagon Channel update from Joint Task Force Katrina on rescue, recovery and relief efforts. | More Videos |
Joint Task Force Katrina - Pentagon Channel Update
BQM-74F Subsonic Aerial Target
The BQM-74F, the Navy's new and improved subsonic aerial target, will allow the Navy to simulate more realistic combat threats, and test an array of weapons systems more efficiently. It has increased speed, increased range, increased maneuverability, and increased payload capability. | More Videos |
BQM-74F Subsonic Aerial Target - Click for Video
Unmanned Aerial Systems - An Eye in the Sky
The Pentagon Channel reports that the warfighters in Iraq and Afghanistan are getting more and more help from friendly eyes in the sky, and military officials say it's the wave of the future. | More Videos |
Unmanned Aerial Systems - Click for Video
U.S. Army Future Force- Transformation Has Begun
The ultimate result of transformation, the Future Force, will enable the Army to deploy with the speed of our current light forces, but arrive with all the crushing combat power of our heavy forces. To this end, the Army converted six brigades to the Stryker Force. | More Videos |
U.S. Army Future Force - Click for Video
First Submarine Launches Unmanned Aerial Vehicle
The Los Angeles class attack submarine USS Albany is the first submarine to launch an unmanned aerial vehicle. Such a technological advancement promises to help submarines gather intelligence from a greater range. The Albany tested the planes ability to be controlled through a periscope. | More Videos |
First Sub Launches UAV - Click for Video
Next-Generation Electronic Attack Aircraft
Based On The Super Hornet Frame, the Ea-18g "G" is the Navy's next-generation electronic attack aircraft to replace the existing Ea-6b Prowler in 2009. The first test airplane will fly in Sept., 2006. This aircraft will be faster and more maneuverable for the Fleet warfighter. | More Videos |
Next-Generation Electronic Attack Aircraft - Click for Video
Future Total Force - U.S. Air Force
The Air Force’s Future Total Force closely integrates Active, Reserve, and Guard components. The plan enables the Air Force to meet all current and expected future missions in a more effective manner by combining the strengths of all three service components. | More Videos |
Future Total Force of U.S. Air Force - Click for Video
2006-2007 Army Strategic Context
The Secretary of the Army outlines the strategic context for the 2006, 2007 Army program and budget, as well as the associated supplementals. He explains that transformation is ingrained either explicitly or implicitly in everything the Army is doing. For example, the Army modular force is explicit. But combined training has been an implicit transformation, a major transformation that is going on. | More Videos |
U.S. Army Strategic Context - Click for Video
Communications and Unmanned Vehicle Support
In Afghanistan, the new JR2 communications system takes the fight to the enemy while saving the Air Force more than $200,000 a day. In Iraq, the Force Protection Airbourne Surveillance System Operations team uses a small unmanned aerial vehicle to get an eagle eye view of field conditions. | More Videos |
Communications and Unmanned Vehicle Support - Click for Video
V-22 Osprey - Tilt Rotor Aircraft
Private industry partnered with the Navy and Marine Corps to Manufacture the V-22 Osprey. This new type of hybrid aircraft can carry today's warriors and cargo farther, faster, and more securely with the advantages of both the helicopter and the plane.
| More Videos |
V-22 Osprey: History of Rotor Aircraft - Click for Video
Stress Website for Sailor and Marines
The Navy Systematic Stress Management Program Web site focuses upon improving some of the stress management/stress busting skills such as things to do with time management, relaxation, communication and changing the thought process. | Website |
Stress Website for Sailors and Marines - Click for Video
Convoy Trainer Simulator - Navy Marine Corps News
U.S. Marines and soldiers are using a new convoy trainer to prepare for duty in Iraq. Marines At Naval Weapons Station Seal Beach are using a new type simulator to prepare them for war. This trainer was designed to simulate the many scenarios that take place during convoy missions in Iraq and Afghanistan. | More Videos |
B-2 Spirit Stealth Bomber - Click for Video
B-2 Spirit Stealth Bomber - News Around the Air Force
The B-2 Spirit is a multi-role bomber capable of delivering both conventional and nuclear munitions. A dramatic leap forward in technology, the bomber represents a major milestone in the U.S. bomber modernization program. | More Videos |
B-2 Spirit Stealth Bomber - Click for Video
Expeditionary Fighting Vehicle - Defense Department Test
The Amphibious Vehicle Test Branch at Marine Corps Base, Camp Pendleton is the only certified Defense Department facility for testing amphibious vehicle and associated equipment. | More Videos |
Expeditionary Fighting Vehicle Testing - Click for Video
Officer Skills Capture - Human Performance Center
A select group of approximately 6,000 naval officers kicked off the first phase of the highly visible officer job analysis project which looks to define the knowledge, skills and abilities of more than 45,000 officers in the U.S. Navy. | More Videos |
Officer Skills Capture - Click for Video
High Power Microwave Fights Improvised Explosive Devices
Changing The Army is first about changing the way we think, and better business practices represent practical application of common sense initiatives that best serve The Army and our Nation. | More Videos |
High Power Microwave Fights Improvised Explosive Devices - Click for Video
U.S. Army at War and Transforming
Changing The Army is first about changing the way we think, and better business practices represent practical application of common sense initiatives that best serve The Army and our Nation. | More Videos |
Army at War and Transforming - Click for Video
Reconnaissance Surveillance Tactical Vehicle
The RST-V is a Reconnaissance Surveillance Tactical Vehicle, a new and progressive vehicle model designed to replace the Humvee and fulfill the needs of modern warfighting. | More Videos |
Reconnaissance Surveillance Tactical Vehicle - Click for Video
Network-Centric Warfare - Office of Force Transformation
This briefing derives from a book developed by Admiral Arthur Cebrowski, first director of the Office of Force Transformation and who many consider as the father of network-centric warfare. | More Videos |
Network-Centric Warfare - Click for Video
Space Operations in Iraq - Operation Iraqi Freedom
This Video spotlight features the various space platforms used in Operation Iraqi Freedom. | More Videos |
Space Operations in Iraq - Click for Video
Adapt or Die - Creating A Culture of Innovation in the Army
The purpose of this video is to provide soldiers Army-wide with the new innovations for a quality Army. | More Videos |
Culture of Innovation - Click for Video
Environmental Research - Navy Marine Corps News
The Navy Continuously Conducts Research To Ensure Their Operations Have A Minimum Effect On The Environment. | More Videos |
Environmental Research - Click for Video
Facing the Future - Meeting the Threats and Challenges
This Pentagon Channel documentary records the Defense Department ’s journey to become lighter, leaner and more responsive to world threats. It highlights the transformation of the American military establishment – its forces, its organization and, most importantly, its mindset and culture. | Special Report | More Videos |
Facing the Future (Encore Presentation) - Click for Video
U.S. Air Force Capabilities
The U.S. Air Force display some of their latest capabilities. | More Videos |
U.S. Navy - Instructional Delivery Continuum
Instructional Delivery Continuum – U.S. Navy
The Navy Started The Instructional Delivery Continuum In February And Is Changing The Way Instructors Learn How To Teach. | More Videos |
U.S. Navy - Instructional Delivery Continuum
The Modular Force – U.S. Army
Presented by Colonel Rickey Smith, U.S. Army Futures Center, this video focuses on the Army's drive to create a modular force that is more relevant, agile, adaptive and versatile in support of Combatant Commanders. | More Videos |
U.S. Army Modular Force - Click for Video
Global Hawk – Aerospace Power
The Global Hawk Unmanned Aerial Vehicle provides Air Force and joint battlefield commanders near-real-time, high-resolution, intelligence, surveillance and reconnaissance imagery. Cruising at extremely high altitudes, the Global Hawk can survey large geographic areas with pinpoint accuracy. | More Videos |
Global Hawk - Click for Video
Translation Devices – Joint Forces Command Symposium
The Joint Forces Command Symposium showcased various technologies, including several translation devices that are changing the way service members communicate. The lack of linguists and translators in Afghanistan drove the Defense Department towards a solution to this communications problem. | More Videos |
Translation Devices - Click for Video
Joint Futures Laboratory – U.S. Joint Forces Command
The U.S. Joint Forces Command has established the new Joint Futures Laboratory in the hopes of speeding the process of turning industry and academia's best ideas into integrated capabilities for joint warfighters. | Story | More Videos |
Joint Futures Laboratory - Click for Video
Dragon Eye – Unmanned Aerial Vehicle
The “Dragon Eye” is a five-pound, back-packable, modular unmanned aerial vehicle designed to provide the Marine small unit commander with a reconnaissance and surveillance capability to see over the next hill or building. | More Videos |
Dragon Eye Unmanned Aerial Vehicle - Click for Video
Warfare Centers - Naval Sea Systems Command
This video provides an overview of warfare centers transformation within the Naval Sea Systems Command that shows monumental change across geographic boundaries and explains the process change that is helping to shape the future Navy. | More Videos |
Naval Sea Systems Command Warfare Centers - Click for Video
Space Structures Laboratory - Air Force Research Lab
This video provides an overview of the Space Structures Laboratory within the Air Force Research Laboratory Space Vehicles Directorate and the scientists, engineers, and technical staff that work to develop advanced space structures and vibration control technologies for future Air Force space systems. | More Videos |
Space Structure Laboratory - Click for Video
Future Combat Systems - U.S. Army
This video provides an overview of the Future Combat Systems and their rapid fielding to our soldiers. Future Combat Systems is a joint (across all the military services) networked system of systems (one large system made up of 18 individual systems, the network, and most importantly, the soldier). | More Videos |
Future Combat Systems - Click for Video
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