Steven L. Schleien

Chief Operating Officer, Office of the Under Secretary of Defense (Policy)

CURRENT ASSIGNMENT: Mr. Schleien was appointed Chief Operating Officer in October 2015. As Chief Operating Officer, Mr. Schleien oversees all organizational management and support functions within OUSDP, including budget, human resources, information technology, administrative services, facilities/operations and performance management. As COO, Mr. Schleien is the USDP's primary advisor and manager of these functions.

PAST EXPERIENCE: Mr. Schleien was Principal Director for Cyber Policy from June 2010 (following his tenure as Director for Cyber Policy starting in October 2009) until September 2012. He was responsible for strategy and policy development for DoD activities in the cyber domain, policy oversight of stand up of US Cyber Command, international cyber engagement, and interagency cyber relationships.

From 2007 through October 2009, Mr. Schleien was Director for Transnational Threats Policy (and Acting Principal Director for Combating WMD Policy from March 2009 through October 2009). He was responsible for WMD/missile-related interdiction; Proliferation Security Initiative (PSI), including leadership of US delegations to PSI Operational Experts Group meetings; implementation of UN Security Council resolutions directed at DPRK and Iran; WMD/missile export control regimes (Missile Technology Control Regime, Nuclear Suppliers Group, Australia Group on chemical weapons and biological weapons-related items); oceans policy (including piracy, Global Maritime Partnership, Law of the Sea Convention); cluster munitions policy and Convention on Conventional Weapons; Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty (NPT); Fissile Material Cut-Off Treaty (FMCT); Trafficking in Persons sanctions process; UN Conference on Disarmament; and examining common challenges across different threat networks.

From 1994 to 2007, Mr. Schleien held various positions in OUSD/Policy, including Deputy Director for Nonproliferation Policy, Senior Assistant for NATO Policy, Deputy Permanent Representative to the Organization for the Prohibition of Chemical Weapons (resident in The Hague, Netherlands), Senior Assistant for Nonproliferation Policy, and Deputy Director for Non-Nuclear Arms Control.

EDUCATION: Mr. Schleien earned a Master of Public Management in National Security Policy from the School of Public Affairs, University of Maryland, and a Bachelor's in Chemistry from Lafayette College. He attended the Federal Executive Institute in 2001.

Mr. Schleien has been awarded the Secretary of Defense Medal for Meritorious Civilian Service twice and the OSD Medal for Exceptional Civilian Service three times. He was appointed to Senior Executive Service in April 2010.