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Michael J.K. Kratsios

Former Acting Under Secretary of Defense for Research and Engineering


Mr. Michael J.K. Kratsios is the former Acting Under Secretary of Defense for Research and Engineering. He was the Department’s Chief Technology Officer and was responsible for the research, development, and prototyping activities across the DoD enterprise, and was mandated with ensuring technological superiority for the Department of Defense. He oversaw the activities of the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency, the Missile Defense Agency, the Defense Innovation Unit, the Space Development Agency, the DoD Laboratory enterprise, and the Under Secretariat staff focused on developing advanced technology and capability for the U.S. military.

Michael is also the Chief Technology Officer of the United States. He advises President Donald J. Trump on a broad range of technology policy issues and drives United States technology priorities and strategic initiatives. He has led the development and execution of the Administration’s National technology policy agenda since 2017.

Under his leadership, the White House launched important National initiatives and strategic plans for artificial intelligence, quantum computing, 5G and broadband communications, autonomous vehicles, commercial drones, STEM education, and advanced manufacturing. Michael is responsible for architecting the American AI Initiative, standing up the National Quantum Coordination Office, and launching of the COVID-19 High Performance Computing Consortium.

Michael has represented the United States as the Head of Delegation at multiple international fora, including G7 Technology Ministerials in Italy, Canada, France, and the United States; G20 Digital Economy Ministerials in Argentina, Japan, and Saudi Arabia; and the OECD Ministerial Council Meeting in Paris.

Michael is also the recipient of the Department of Defense Distinguished Public Service Medal, the highest honorary award which can be conferred on a non-career Federal employee or private citizen.

Prior to joining the White House, Michael was a Principal at Thiel Capital. A South Carolina native, Michael graduated from Princeton University and served as a Visiting Scholar at Beijing’s Tsinghua University.