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It’s one-of-a-kind.

The National Veterans Memorial and Museum in Columbus, Ohio, takes visitors on a narrative journey of the individual stories and shared experiences of veterans throughout history, beginning with the Revolutionary War. The memorial and museum is the first national museum — signed into law June 21, 2018 — that’s dedicated to veterans from all conflicts and all branches of the armed forces. It shares the complete story of veterans, from their decision to join and their experiences in uniform, to their lives after service.

Veteran's Vision

The museum was in part the vision of retired Marine Corps Col. John Glenn— veteran, astronaut, U.S. senator and Ohio native — who also served as the founding chairman of the advisory committee. His life story is among those featured in the museum. Numerous stories are told of the sacrifices of servicemen and women and their families, presenting military history in a dynamic, participatory experience through photos, letters and personal effects, multimedia presentations and interactive exhibits.

Hear from some of the veterans who share their experiences:

“It tells the stories of veterans, firsthand by veterans.”
“This is that conversation for America, and this is that kitchen table.”
“I think about guys like my grandfather who served in the Army back in World War II.”
“You can see the impact of anyone who has ever worn a uniform.”
“Service for me wasn’t a privilege, it’s an honor and I think it’s one of the most honorable professions you can have. It’s challenging, but rewarding.”
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Museum's Makeup


The sprawling seven-acre site features an open-air amphitheater, a memorial grove and a rooftop sanctuary. The main building is constructed from intersecting concrete arches to represent the different branches of service. Seeming to rise organically from the ground, the building itself is a symbol of our nation’s veterans and how their strength emanates from within.


The photographs of 25 veterans hang in the great hall, featuring pictures from their time in service.


Light-filled galleries along the building’s perimeter take visitors on a narrative journey.


A large cube hangs in the central space, showcasing veterans and family members.


The second-floor mezzanine features windows that are tinted in the colors of military ribbons.


The 2.5 acre memorial grove offers an area for reflection with elm trees, a stone wall, waterfalls and a reflecting pool.

*Additional footage courtesy of the National Veterans Memorial and Museum, credit Infinite Impact