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WCAP Stories-2022 Olympians - SGT Sweeney

  • Army & Air Force Exchange Service HQ
  • Feb. 4, 2022 | 0:59

My name is SGT Emily Sweeney, I’ m an Olympic Athlete and an Army Soldier. I’m a part of the World Class Athlete Program. Which is a group of soldiers that are soldier athletes who are chasing to become Olympians and Paralympians. The world of being a soldier and an athlete are perfect parallels, you learn so much as a soldier about what your values are and how to work with a team. And then also as an athlete, you also need those attributes. So I’ve learned a lot about resiliency, motivation, as an athlete, but it then transfers over to be a soldier. So they’re the perfect mixture and I feel I am a better athlete because I am a soldier and I’m a better soldier because I’m an athlete.