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NATO through the years (Master)

  • Natochannel
  • Feb. 4, 2024 | 19:51

NATO is the world’s most successful political-military alliance. Over 75 years, it has managed to withstand challenges, expand its roles and mission and even grow significantly in size. But how has it persisted so long, and how has time and tribulation changed the organisation?
From the day it was founded in 1949 to the reinforcement of Eastern Europe in 2022, this documentary explores the moments that define the Organisation today, through the eyes and personal experiences of people who have witnessed these pivotal moments from the unique perspective of ‘insiders’, as former NATO staff.
During the Cold War, NATO successfully deterred the Soviet Union from aggression against Western Europe. In the 1990s, NATO helped to end ethnic conflicts in the Western Balkans. After the terrorist attacks against the United States on 9/11, it measured up to its purpose, invoking Article 5, the founding treaty’s collective defence clause, for the first time, and mobilising to defend Allies against further terrorist violence. And when Russia launched its brutal, full-scale invasion of Ukraine in 2022, NATO rushed troops to Eastern Europe, assuring Allies of their safety while deterring further aggression from Russia.
In 2024, NATO is larger and more powerful – politically and militarily – than it was in 1949. Yet for all that has changed, it remains committed to its core goal of collective defence.