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July 12, 2017

Tenacious Airmen Tackle Toughest Construction Jobs

On a construction site at an undisclosed location here, all five senses are constantly bombarded. The sun scorches, gusting winds kick up sand and dirt, and deafening machines saturate the air with fumes. For combat engineers, this is an average day at work.

July 11, 2017

Airman Fights Cancer, Earns Silver at DoD Warrior Games

Medically retired Air Force Capt. Austin Williamson, who's fighting an advanced form of cancer, earned a silver medal in the ultimate champion competition during the 2017 Defense Department Warrior Games in Chicago.

July 11, 2017

Exercise Red Flag 17-3 Commences in Nevada

Red Flag 17-3, a three-week air-to-air combat joint training exercise, commenced at Nellis Air Force Base in Nevada, Air Force officials said.

July 11, 2017

Face of Defense: Air Force Maintainer Gets Flight of a Lifetime

Air Force Airman 1st Class Jaimie Smith said she decided to be a jet mechanic because she wanted to work on something she knew nothing about. While on temporary duty in South Korea, the aircraft maintenance crew chief received a familiarization flight in the F-16 Fighting Falcon Fighter.

July 10, 2017

East China Sea Mission Marks New B-1B Bomber Milestone

Air Force and Japan Air Self-Defense Force units participated in a bilateral mission over the East China Sea, marking the first time U.S. Pacific Command-directed B-1B Lancers conducted combined training with Japanese fighters at night.

July 10, 2017

Face of Defense: Reservist Serves as County Judge in Texas

Air Force reservist Maj. S. Brint Carlton employs his military skills in his civilian occupation as a county judge to make life better for all. Carlton was elected in 2014 as the judge for Orange County in southeastern Texas, on the border with Louisiana and 20 miles from the Gulf of Mexico.

July 8, 2017

U.S. B-1B Bomber Flights Demonstrate Commitment to South Korea

As part of the continuing demonstration of the U.S. commitment to its allies against the growing threat from North Korea, two U.S. Air Force B-1B Lancer bombers conducted a 10-hour sequenced bilateral mission with South Korean and Japanese fighter jets.

July 5, 2017

Face of Defense: Airman's Stick-to-itiveness Solves Slippery Problem

Air Force Tech. Sgt. Tom Burden, an Ohio Air National Guard weapons mechanic who works on the F-16 Fighting Falcon, invented a special adhesive tool tray to hold his tools during aircraft maintenance. Burden's tenacity and problem-solving abilities haven't gone unnoticed by his chain of command.

July 4, 2017

Archers Match Arrow for Arrow, Forcing Shootout at Warrior Games

Archers matched arrow for arrow, forcing a shootout in two medal rounds during the 2017 Department of Defense Warrior Games in Chicago.

July 2, 2017

DoD Warrior Games Open With 265 Participants, Celebrities

About 265 wounded, ill and injured service members and veterans representing teams from U.S., U.K. and Australian forces are competing in Chicago in sports ranging from shooting and archery to wheelchair basketball.

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