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March 14, 2017

Guard Members Aid First Responders During East Coast Storm

National Guardsmen were mobilized across the Northeast to help first responders as a spring storm put about 18 million people under a blizzard warning.

Feb. 24, 2017

Guardsmen to Test Space Capsule Recovery Systems

Forty-five members of the New York Air National Guard are heading to Hawaii to participate in a joint NASA and Defense Department mission to evaluate recovery techniques and gear that will be used to recover NASA's Orion spacecraft.

Feb. 16, 2017

Louisiana Guard Assists Police in $2 Million Drug Bust

The Louisiana National Guard's Counterdrug Task Force providing an aviation asset in assisting several law enforcement agencies in removing nearly $2 million worth of drugs from the streets of Alexandria, Louisiana, last month.

Oct. 10, 2016

South Carolina National Guard Continues Hurricane Matthew Response

The South Carolina National Guard responded to missions along the state’s coastal region yesterday in the aftermath of Hurricane Matthew, clearing roads so people could return to their homes.

Oct. 9, 2016

Virginia Guard Prepares for Possible Hampton Roads Flooding

The Virginia National Guard is staging about 160 soldiers in the Hampton Roads area with Humvees, light/medium tactical trucks and chainsaws to be ready to assist with possible flood-response operations caused by Hurricane Matthew.

Oct. 8, 2016

Guard Members Support Civil Authorities as Matthew Batters Southeast Coast

More than 9,000 National Guard members are responding in the aftermath of Hurricane Matthew, conducting search-and-rescue operations, route clearance and debris removal, security operations and infrastructure assessments.

Oct. 8, 2016

South Carolina National Guard Assists in Lifesaving Mission

Soldiers with the South Carolina National Guard transported emergency medical personnel to a citizen in need of medical attention whose house was surrounded by flood waters caused by Hurricane Matthew.

Oct. 7, 2016

Face of Defense: Soldier’s Idea Saves Army Big Money

Illinois Army National Guard Sgt. Wesley Todd of La Porte, Indiana, invented a device that improves soldier safety and equipment longevity while working on a light-towed howitzer.

Oct. 5, 2016

National Guard Assists Southeastern States as Hurricane Matthew Approaches

National Guard members in South Carolina, Florida, Georgia and North Carolina are on duty or ready to be called up to serve as Hurricane Matthew approaches the United States.

Sept. 1, 2016

Florida National Guard Soldiers, Airmen Prepare for Hurricane Hermine

As Hurricane Hermine heads for Florida’s Gulf Coast, the state’s governor has activated about 100 National Guardsmen and is prepared to activate more if needed, a Defense Department spokesman said.

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