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The Most Exclusive Restaurant in the World

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You’re trapped in a watertight school bus with no windows, and the bus is submerged off the East Coast of North America, somewhere in the Atlantic Ocean. There’s not much to do aside from your 8-10 hour shift each day.

The only other certainty is the food. Breakfast. Lunch. Dinner. A time to sink your teeth into a delicious reminder of life on shore, away from the bus, er, submarine. Now, imagine if the food was terrible.

DOD video by Army Staff Sgt. Alexander Henninger

Fortunately for the crew of Pre-Commissioning Unit South Dakota, it’s quite the opposite. They say the food is delicious. (By the way, “pre-commissioning unit” is the Navy term for vessels during construction and testing before they are officially commissioned. The PCU South Dakota is being commissioned at Naval Submarine Base New London, Conn., Feb 2, 2019.)

The culinary specialists aboard the newest Virginia-class submarine in the Navy’s fleet are to cooking what stripes are to Siberian tigers — a seamless, beautiful blend of rare perfection … with a dash of oregano. The dedication and passion they (literally) bring to the table feeds a crew of about 135 submariners. Seven people make this happen, three times a day, every day.

Navy Senior Chief Petty Officer Chris Peddycoart and his crew of six culinary specialists have mastered the art of fine dining 20,000 leagues under the sea, so much so even Captain Nemo would be jealous.

Preparation begins about four hours before each meal. If it can be made from scratch, it will. This includes pizza, bread pudding, omelets, and even giant cookie dessert bars (a crew favorite) to name a few.

A service member grabs a slice of pizza.
Pizza Slice
A service member grabs a slice of pizza.
Photo By: DOD video still
VIRIN: 190123-D-ZZ999-102

The crew’s mess (their dining area) has even been decorated to resemble the state for which the submarine is named, South Dakota. Wall paneling has been replaced by sweeping landscape photos. The dining tables display postcards from various attractions around the state. Even a glance into the crew’s mess is enough to be swept away from the confined reality and dropped into a moment of epic daydreaming (cue song from Titanic). Oh, and while you’re there, enjoy yourself some amazing, from scratch, food.  

An artist rendering of the Virginia-class submarine USS South Dakota.
USS South Dakota
An artist rendering of the Virginia-class submarine USS South Dakota.
Photo By: Stan Bailey, Navy
VIRIN: 120621-N-ZZ999-006

(Editor's note: The USS South Dakota was commissioned soon after the publication of this story, on Feb. 2, 2019, becoming the 17th Virginia-class submarine to join the fleet.)

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