Pentagon Spokesperson Urges Congress to End Continuing Resolution Funding

Oct. 26, 2017 | BY Terri Moon Cronk , DOD News
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The U.S. Congress must pass a defense spending bill and not another continuing resolution to fund the Defense Department, chief Pentagon spokesperson Dana W. White said today at a Pentagon news briefing.

White, speaking to reporters with Marine Corps Lt. Gen. Frank McKenzie, the director of the Joint Staff, said the department has been operating under a continuing resolution for more than 1,070 days.

Continuing Resolutions Negatively Impact Readiness

“That’s nearly three years,” White said. “[Defense Secretary Jim Mattis] has said that continuing resolutions negatively impact the readiness of our forces and equipment.”

A continuing resolution is a temporary funding measure that Congress can use to fund the federal government for a limited amount of time.

The longer the continuing resolution replaces a budget, the more damaging it is to DoD, White said.

“We hope the Congress can pass an FY18 budget before Dec. 8, when the continuing resolution ends,” she added.

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