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U.S. Sends Ukraine $400 Million in Military Equipment

The United States will transfer military equipment worth up to $400 million to Ukraine to aid its defense against the Russian invasion, Defense Department officials said today.

This security assistance package features ammunition and support equipment to meet Ukraine's critical security and defense needs.

Soldiers use tanks to hoist portable bridges
Bridge System
Army combat engineers train on the operation of the M60 Armored Vehicle-Launched Bridge system Feb. 28, 2020. The M60 AVLB is based on the M60 Patton main battle tank hull and is used for the launching and retrieval of a 60-foot, scissor-type bridge.
Photo By: Army Staff Sgt. Simon McTizic
VIRIN: 200228-A-QE526-538

Since Russia invaded Ukraine on Feb. 24, 2022, the United States has sent more than $30 billion worth of gear to Ukraine. This is the 33rd time the Biden administration has invoked the drawdown authority for Ukraine.

In this package, the United States will provide additional ammunition for High Mobility Artillery Rocket Systems, additional 105 mm and 155 mm artillery rounds, and additional 25 mm ammunition.

The package also includes armored vehicle-launched bridges. These vehicles are designed to accompany armored columns and give them the ability to cross rivers, streams, ditches and trenches. The bridges are carried on the chassis of armored vehicles and launched at river or stream banks. Once the crossing is finished, the vehicle can pick up the bridge on the far bank and carry on.

The package will also include demolition munitions and equipment for obstacle clearing. To help the Ukrainians sustain their forces in combat, the package also includes testing and diagnostic equipment to support vehicle maintenance and repair, as well as spare parts and other field equipment.

Weapons mounted on a pair of military vehicles fire rounds of ammunition in an open field.
Howitzer Training
A unit fires a 155 mm howitzer during training in Poland in 2022.
Photo By: Army Sgt. Gavin K. Ching
VIRIN: 221103-Z-JC891-1186C

Since the Russian invasion, the aid the United States has proffered has changed as the battle changed. In the beginning of the conflict, the Ukrainians needed anti-armor and air defense capabilities. The U.S. rushed Javelins anti-armor systems and Stinger air defense weapons to the country.

After Ukraine's military turned back the Russian thrust on Ukraine's capital, Kyiv, artillery became more important, and the U.S. responded with howitzers and High Mobility Artillery Rocket Systems and ammunition. Air defense remained a priority, and the U.S. sent National Advanced Surface-to-Air Missile Systems to the country and has pledged a Patriot air defense battery. The battle is changing again, and the United States will send 31 M1A2 main battle tanks to the country.

But the United States is just one nation supporting Ukraine's right to sovereignty. According to DOD figures, more than 54 countries from around the world have pledged more than 1,000 tanks and other armored vehicles. They've delivered or pledged more than 800 artillery systems, and they've delivered more than 2 million rounds of artillery ammunition and more than 50 advanced Multiple Rocket Launch Systems.

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