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Immediate Release

Defense Department Announces Winner of 2017 George F. Linsteadt Award for Excellence in Technology Transfer

Arlington, Va. -- The Department of Defense (DoD) recognizes Ms. Dorothy “Dottie” Vincent as the winner of the 2017 George F. Linsteadt Award for Excellence in Technology Transfer. The annual award recognizes DoD technology transfer professionals who have performed extraordinary efforts to transfer technology developed in the Defense laboratories from and to partners in the public and private sectors.

Dr. Jagadeesh Pamulapati, Director, Defense Laboratories Office, said that technology transfer (T2) is vital to the DoD mission of developing new technologies and promoting technology commercialization as the U.S. military seeks to maintain its technological advantage. He further noted that the DoD’s technology transfer efforts also help ensure the Nation’s investment in innovative research is transferred from Defense laboratories to the American people. 

Vincent, recognized for exemplary performance leading the Department of the Navy (DON) Technology Transfer program in the Office of Naval Research (ONR), is one of the DoD’s leading proponents of technology transfer. Under her management, the Navy’s T2 program has become a perennial winner of T2 awards and achievements. She also sponsored the Innovation Discovery Process (IDP) and actively fosters its growth throughout the Federal laboratory system. The core of IDP is the interaction of lab inventors with a panel of university and business professionals as well as other subject matter experts. The panel, guided by a facilitator, brainstorms to identify the innovative elements of the project and to discover dual-use science & technology applications. Since its inception, Navy scientists and engineers have increased the number of invention disclosures, filed more new patent applications, and enhanced the overall success of T2 efforts by entering into more patent license agreements with public and private sector entities.

“In more than 20 years of dedicated service, Ms. Vincent has become one of the Navy’s foremost experts on technology transfer. She approaches her work with dedication, passion, and an infectious, positive spirit,” said Dr. Pamulapati.

Since its establishment in 1946, ONR continues to be Naval leadership’s trusted source for addressing emerging technology issues and challenges. As the DON Science and Technology (S&T) provider, ONR identifies solutions to address Navy and Marine Corps needs. Its mission is to plan, foster, and encourage scientific research related to the maintenance of future Naval power. ONR ensures the preservation of national security and management of the Navy’s basic, applied, and advanced research to foster transition from S&T to higher levels of research, development, test, and evaluation.

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