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Immediate Release

Increased Restrictions on the Pentagon Reservation

Due to the increase in COVID-19 cases and positive test cases in the National Capital Region over the past 15 days, the Pentagon Reservation will move to Health Protection Condition Bravo effective 5 a.m. EDT, Monday, Aug. 2, 2021.  Both Armed Forces Retirement Home campuses, in Washington, D.C., and Gulfport, Mississippi, will transition to HPCON Charlie.

The Secretary of Defense’s number one priority during the COVID-19 pandemic continues to be protecting our workforce while still performing our national security mission. Supervisors will continue to provide maximum telework opportunities and flexible scheduling to optimize the workforce while defending our nation, taking care of our people, and ensuring success through teamwork.

With the change to HPCON Bravo, some of the measures that will be in effect include:

  • Service members, federal employees, onsite contractor employees, and visitors, regardless of vaccination status, will wear a mask in an indoor settings on the Pentagon Reservation;
  • Physical distancing remains at six feet for unvaccinated personnel; 
  • DOD remains at maximum telework;
  • Organizations are expected to maintain occupancy rates at less than 50% of normal occupancy in workspaces;
  • Medically vulnerable personnel will continue to be permitted to self-declare their condition and pursue telework, when possible, with supervisors taking precautions to limit their exposure while in the workplace;
  • Use of the Pentagon Athletic Center remains by reservation only and will limit its maximum workout population and staff members to 255 per 2 ½ hour session; 21 maximum occupancy at Mark Center Gym and 15 at Taylor/ Polk Building Gym per 2 ½ hour session; masking will be required regardless of vaccination status;
  • Random COVID-19 entrance screening of workforce will continue at 10-20% levels, with 100% screening of visitors;
  • Pentagon Reservation public tours will be closed, and the Pentagon National 9/11 Memorial will also close; 
  • Gatherings on the Pentagon Reservation are limited to fewer than 50 persons and by six foot distancing requirements, with masks required for indoor ceremonies regardless of vaccination status, including internal gatherings, meetings in conference centers, and gatherings for ceremonies;
  • Current COVID-19 parking permits have been extended for 30 days until Aug. 31, 2021; and
  • Food court and concession options remain available with no options for indoor seating;

DOD remains committed to protecting our people, maintaining mission readiness, and supporting the whole-of-government effort response to COVID-19.  COVID-19 vaccinations remain available through DiLorenzo Tricare Health Clinic for Pentagon Reservation personnel. 

We are continually emphasizing to our people the need to get fully vaccinated for COVID-19 and to take actions to protect themselves and those around them by employing protective measures, including practicing good hand washing, social distancing, wearing cloth face coverings, and taking appropriate actions if feeling sick now. These can dramatically decrease the risk of infection and slow COVID-19’s spread, including the Delta variant.

You can see the guidance memo from the Director of Administration & Management here.

For more information on the Pentagon Reservation response to COVID-19, visit

We encourage all DOD personnel to visit for information on staying healthy during the pandemic.