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Immediate Release

DoD Software Modernization Strategy Approved

The Department of Defense (DoD) Software Modernization Strategy was approved Feb. 1.

“Delivering a more lethal force requires the ability to evolve faster and be more adaptable than our adversaries,” said Dr. Kathleen H. Hicks, the deputy secretary of defense, in the memorandum approving the strategy.  “The Department's adaptability increasingly relies on software and the ability to securely and rapidly deliver resilient software capability is a competitive advantage that will define future conflicts. Transforming software delivery times from years to minutes will require significant change to our processes, policies, workforce, and technology.”

The DoD Software Modernization Strategy sets a path for technology and process transformation that will enable the delivery of resilient software capability at the speed of relevance. It is one in a set of sub-strategies of the DoD Digital Modernization Strategy and builds upon, evolves, and replaces the 2018 DoD Cloud Strategy. Given the pervasiveness of software across all aspects of mission capabilities and supporting infrastructure, the successful implementation of this strategy will rely heavily on partnerships across the Department.

The strategy lists three long-term goals that aim toward achieving the Department’s vision to deliver resilient software capability at the speed of relevance.  The objectives of each goal are near-term targets focused on providing the technical enablers and transforming the critical processes required to meet the Department’s software modernization goals. .

Goal 1: Accelerate the DoD Enterprise Cloud Environment

Objectives: Mature an Innovative Portfolio of Cloud Contracts; Secure Data in the Cloud; Accelerate Cloud Adoption through Automated Design Patterns; Prepare OCONUS Infrastructure for Cloud

Goal 2: Establish Department-wide Software Factory Ecosystem

Objectives: Advance DevSecOps through Enterprise Providers; Accelerate Software Deployment with Continuous Authorization; Drive Reciprocity of Tools with an Enterprise Repository; Streamline Control Points for Seamless End-to-End Software Delivery; Speed Innovation into the Hands of the Warfighter.

Goal 3: Transform Processes to Enable Resilience and Speed

Objectives: Evolve Policy, Regulations, and Standards; Make Acquisition More Agile; Advance Technical Competencies; Empower the Broader Workforce as Contributors to Technology; Manage commercial off the shelf (COTS) Software for Efficiencies and Effectiveness; incentivize the Use of Enterprise Services.

The strategy document concludes by saying DoD, “must take steps to lead in software modernization. The DoD Software Modernization Strategy is the first step, providing overarching principles, a common framework for understanding, and initial goals and objectives. It builds upon current momentum and leans on the invention and successes of DoD organizations. The Department, as an enterprise, must continue to work together to implement the vision of this strategy, deliver resilient software capability at the speed of relevance.”