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Immediate Release

DoD Approves Software Modernization Implementation Plan

The Department of Defense (DoD) Software Modernization Implementation Plan was approved on March 30, 2023, by the DoD CIO.

On February 1, 2022, the Deputy Secretary of Defense approved and signed the DoD Software Modernization Strategy, setting the Department on a path to deliver resilient software capability at the speed of relevance. The DoD Software Modernization Implementation Plan is the follow-on call to action for implementing the goals of the strategy. The plan identifies key activities, near-term milestones, and responsibilities for driving the process improvements and capabilities needed to achieve the Department’s software modernization vision.

The DoD Software Modernization Strategy and Implementation Plan recognize that software is essential to modern military operations. From business systems to weapons systems, software defines our military capabilities, enabling us to detect and track adversaries, protect operations from cyber threats, and improve the accuracy and effectiveness of decisions and actions. Software agility postures DoD to fight and win on the future battlefield and will require Department-wide engagement.

The executive summary of the DoD Software Modernization Implementation plan is available at