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Immediate Release

DOD General Counsel Delivers Keynote Remarks at U.S. Cyber Command Legal Conference

Department of Defense General Counsel, the Honorable Caroline Krass, provided the keynote remarks at the U.S. Cyber Command Legal Conference at Joint Base Andrews in Maryland on April 18.

During her remarks, Krass highlighted the significant role of the law and the Department of Defense legal community in advancing integrated deterrence, one of the Department's top priorities as outlined in the 2022 National Defense Strategy (NDS).  With competitors in cyberspace seeking to "steal our technology, undermine our military advantages, threaten our critical infrastructure, disrupt our government and commerce, weaken our collective prosperity, and challenge our democratic processes," Krass outlined how the lawyers support U.S. Cyber Command's efforts to manage escalation, campaign, and prioritize interoperability with U.S. Allies and partners.

Krass also identified the importance of the legal community in supporting both international and domestic law in relation to cyber activities.  As outlined in the 2022 NDS, the Department promotes a rules-based international order, and "the United States believes that our compliance with international law in the cyber domain is a foundation for the legitimacy of our military operations."  The Department of Defense legal community also promotes domestic law and seeks to deter and protect in a lawful and effective manner.

Read the full remarks here.