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Immediate Release

Secretary of Defense Lloyd J. Austin III Approves Findings, Recommendations on 45-day Security Review

Secretary of Defense Lloyd J. Austin III has completed his review of the findings and recommendations of the comprehensive review of Department of Defense security programs, policies, and procedures that he directed the Under Secretary of Defense for Intelligence & Security (USD(I&S)), in coordination with the DoD Chief Information Officer and the Director, Administration and Management, to conduct.  Their efforts focused on an in-depth review across four key areas:  personnel security, information safeguarding and accountability, physical security, and education and training.

The review found that the overwhelming majority of DoD personnel with access to classified national security information (CNSI) comply with security policies, processes, and procedures, and recognize the importance of information security in maintaining our national security.

The review also identified areas where the Department should improve its security posture and accountability measures.  These areas include improving individual and collective accountability for CNSI; security posture at facilities used to develop, process, and store CNSI; and information sharing to ensure both appropriate security clearance eligibility determination by the Defense Counterintelligence and Security Agency and appropriate access management by unit commanders, supervisors, and their personnel.

As a result of this review, Secretary Austin issued guidance to Department senior leaders on actions they must take in the near- and medium-term for the Department to improve its accountability measures to prevent the compromise of CNSI, to include addressing insider threats.

USD(I&S) will provide the Secretary regular updates on the progress of the directed actions until completion.