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Immediate Release

CIO Signs 2023-2027 DoD Cyber Workforce Strategy Implementation Plan

The Department of Defense (DoD) Chief Information Officer (CIO) Hon. John Sherman released the 2023-2027 Cyber Workforce (CWF) Strategy Implementation Plan today.

The CWF Workforce Strategy Implementation Plan will assist the Department in advancing talent management initiatives aimed at fostering an agile, flexible, and responsive cyber workforce. This Implementation Plan sets the foundation for how the Department will successfully execute the 22 objectives and 38 initiatives aligned with the 4 overarching goals in the CWF Strategy.

"Our goal is to ensure we are not only finding and hiring a diverse group of highly skilled cyber professionals but also develop the tools, resources, and partnerships required to continue growing these individuals," said Patrick Johnson, Director, Workforce Innovation Directorate.

To realize the success of these goals and objectives, the activities outlined within must be measurable and monitored with continuous feedback.  DoD components will continue to build and improve action planning efforts to achieve the goals and objectives in the CWF Strategy.

"Maintaining a highly skilled cyber workforce is vital to protecting our Nation against global cyber threats," Sherman said. "This Implementation Plan covers how the Department will take progressive measures to cultivate a workforce that is flexible and responsive in an ever-changing cyber domain."

Together, the CWF Strategy and Implementation Plan will enable the Department to recruit, develop, and retain the most capable and dominant cyber workforce in the world. 

To read the CWF Strategy Implementation Plan, visit: