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Immediate Release

Joint Statement from Department of Defense Chief Information Officer John Sherman and Assistant Secretary of Commerce Alan Davidson on the Emerging Mid-Band Radar Spectrum Sharing (EMBRSS) Feasibility Assessment

Spectrum is foundational to our economic prosperity and global technological leadership, from high-speed wireless internet access, to connected vehicles and smart manufacturing, to the next generation of space-based innovation.  Spectrum is also vital to our most sensitive and important Federal missions, including military radar operations for homeland security, the training of our war fighters before they deploy overseas, and our ability to develop new and advanced military capabilities.  
Within this context, the Department of Defense (DoD) has completed and submitted to the Department of Commerce the Emerging Mid-Band Radar Spectrum Sharing (EMBRSS) Feasibility Assessment as directed by Section 90008 of the 2021 Infrastructure Investment and Jobs Act. This 20-month study included extensive inputs from the Military Services and other defense stakeholders, interagency partners, industry, and academia.
Under the statute, the Secretary of Commerce will now coordinate with the Secretary of Defense and other federal stakeholders to determine the next steps beyond the EMBRSS study with the complementary goals of furthering US economic competitiveness while ensuring a strong national security. Both are vital to the nation.
The White House is actively coordinating interagency discussion on spectrum policy to ensure all options are considered to achieve the nation's economic and national security needs.