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Immediate Release

DOD Releases Microelectronics Commons FY24 Call for Projects to Catalyze U.S. Microelectronics Innovation

As part of the implementation of the CHIPS and Science Act and President Biden’s Investing in America agenda, the Department of Defense today announced the Microelectronics Commons (Commons) FY24 Call for Projects (CFP), which provides up to $280 million to projects that support the domestic prototyping and fabrication of microelectronics, building a sustainable pipeline of domestically produced microelectronics for our military.  The Commons CFP underscores the Department’s focus on delivering advanced technologies to the warfighter and developing the U.S. microelectronics manufacturing industry to bolster our nation’s military technological advantage.  The Department anticipates project awards to occur in the third quarter of FY24. 

“The U.S. military has an ever-increasing need for innovation in the microelectronics that underpin many of our modern weapon systems, including communications equipment, planes, tanks, long-range munitions, and sensors.  This Call for Proposals is the next step in our effort to bridge the valley of death from ‘lab-to-fab,’” said Deputy Under Secretary of Defense for Research and Engineering Dr. David Honey.  “With participation from companies and universities across the nation, these projects will catalyze domestic production of advanced microelectronics that are vital to America’s national defense and economic competitiveness, supporting the goals set forth by the White House and the CHIPS and Science Act.”  

In 2022, Congress passed and President Biden signed the CHIPS and Science Act into law to strengthen American microelectronics manufacturing, supply chains, and national security.  Onshoring the design, manufacturing, packaging, and testing of microelectronics supports U.S. defense industrial base access to assured leading-edge technology which is essential to our warfighters’ platforms and weapons.

Today, microelectronics designs that are proven within U.S. universities and businesses of all sizes frequently do not enter large-scale production because the transition from laboratory to fabrication is notoriously difficult; a high technology readiness does not mean high manufacturability.  The Commons is focused on easing this transition for microelectronics that are essential for our national security.

The Commons aims to ensure that the U.S. defense industrial base will have access to a robust pipeline of world-leading microelectronics produced in U.S. foundries, and the ability to shape that pipeline to address the future demands of our warfighters.  U.S. businesses and universities will be able to demonstrate their microelectronics innovations at scale for DoD and commercial uses.  

The eight Commons regional innovation hubs, which were announced by the Deputy Secretary of Defense Kathleen Hicks in September, are tasked with evolving laboratory prototypes into fabrication prototypes and strengthening the semiconductor workforce.  There are currently greater than 380 organizations within the Hubs – more than 100 of which are academic institutions – spanning 35 states, the District of Columbia, and Puerto Rico.  

The $2 billion in total funding allocated to the Department for the Commons will be applied across six technical areas: Secure Edge/Internet of Things (IoT) Computing; 5G/6G Technology; Artificial Intelligence Hardware; Quantum Technology; Electromagnetic Warfare; and Commercial Leap Ahead Technologies.  

The DoD is working closely with the Department of Commerce and other federal organizations on the design and implementation of our nation’s microelectronics strategy.

For more information, please visit the Commons website:


Office of the Secretary of Defense 
CDR Timothy Gorman

Office of the Under Secretary of Defense for Research & Engineering
Mr. Jason Lapadula
Director of Strategic Communications