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Immediate Release

DoD Releases the Calendar Year 2022 Annual Report on Civilian Casualties in Connection With U.S. Military Operations

Today, the Department of Defense released the Calendar Year 2022 Annual Report on Civilian Casualties in Connection with United States Military Operations.

The release of this report complies with Section 1057 of the FY18 National Defense Appropriations Act, which requires the Department to complete an annual report on civilian casualties in connection with U.S. military operations. Per the NDAA requirements, the report lists each U.S. caused civilian casualty incident by date, location, operation type (air or ground), and the number of civilians injured or killed. It also lists the processes for assessing allegations of civilian casualties, the processes for considering ex gratia payments, and the steps that the U.S. takes to mitigate civilian casualties.

The report states that during 2022, the DOD assessed that no U.S. military operations resulted in civilian casualties. Lastly, it updates the number of civilian casualties from 2017-2021 based on allegations that were assessed after the date of the last report.  As a result, the updated numbers from 2017-2021 are 18 civilians killed and 11 civilians injured.

The CY2022 Annual Report on Civilian Casualties in Connection with U.S. Military Operations can be found here.

The latest information on the Department’s Civilian Harm Mitigation and Response efforts can be found here.