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Travels With the Chairman

Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff

Photo of Marine Corps Gen. Joe Dunford

Marine Corps Gen. Joe Dunford

The Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff is the nation’s highest-ranking military officer and the principal military advisor to the President, Secretary of Defense, and National Security Council. Biography

Travels With Dunford - Dunford Visits France, Belgium

Dunford Visits France, Belgium

January 2017

France, Belgium

Travels With Dunford - Nov.. 2016: Dunford Visits Turkey

2016 USO Holiday Tour

December 2016

Turkey, Qatar, Afghanistan

Travels With Dunford - Nov. 2016: Dunford Visits Turkey

Dunford Visits Turkey, Saudi Arabia, Iraq

November 2016

Turkey, Saudi Arabia, Iraq

Travels With Dunford - Sept. 2016: Dunford Visits Japa, Philippines

Dunford Visits Japan, Philippines

September 2016

Japan, Philippines

Travels With Dunford - July 2016: Dunford Visits Iraq, Turkey

Dunford Visits Iraq, Turkey

July 2016

Iraq, Turkey

Travels With Dunford - July 2016: Dunford Visits Afghanistan, Germany

Dunford Visits Afghanistan, Germany

July 2016

Afghanistan, Germany

Dunford Travels to Germany, Belgium

May 2016

Germany, Belgium

Chairman Visits Afghanistan

March 2016


Chairman Attends NATO Meetings

January 2016

Belgium, France

Visit With U.S. Military Leaders

January 2016

Germany, Turkey, Iraq

2015 USO Holiday Tour

December 2015

Europe, Africa, Asia

Visits Asia-Pacific Region

November 2015

South Korea, Japan

First Foreign Trip

October 2015

Israel, Jordan, Iraq