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Media Availability With Secretary Mattis at the Pentagon

May 16, 2017
Secretary of Defense Jim Mattis

SECRETARY OF DEFENSE JIM MATTIS:  (inaudible) -- (inaudible)?  

Q:  We're just wondering if -- (inaudible).  

SEC. MATTIS:  All I know is what I read in the news, you know.  

Q:  Do you -- are you at all concerned that -- (inaudible).  

SEC. MATTIS:  (inaudible).  I don't know any more than what I've read in the newspaper, and -- I think it was a news -- a -- (inaudible) -- McMaster, which, from what I heard of it -- I didn't hear the whole thing of that either, but what I heard of it, there was none.  So -- (inaudible) -- have the -- (inaudible) -- right now, I'm -- no, I'm not worried.  

Q:  Have any allies reached out to you (inaudible) any concern?

SEC. MATTIS:  (inaudible) -- in person today with two NATO allies, one other ally -- never even came up.

Q:  How did the meetings with -- (inaudible) -- 

SEC. MATTIS:  Very well.  

Q:  -- was there any tension about the -- (inaudible) -- (inaudible)?

SEC. MATTIS:  No.  No.  Good, honest (inaudible) -- (inaudible).  

(inaudible) -- have no reason to think (inaudible).  

Q:  Thank you -- (inaudible).  

Thanks -- (inaudible).