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Centcom Designates Ops Against ISIL as ‘Inherent Resolve’

Oct. 15, 2014

U.S. military operations in Iraq and Syria against the Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant terrorists have been designated as Operation Inherent Resolve, U.S. Central Command officials announced today.

The operation name applies retroactively to all U.S. military actions conducted against ISIL in Iraq and Syria since airstrikes against ISIL began Aug. 8 in Iraq, officials said.

The name Inherent Resolve is intended to reflect the unwavering resolve and deep commitment of the U.S. and partner nations in the region and around the globe to eliminate the terrorist group ISIL and the threat they pose to Iraq, the region and the wider international community, Centcom officials explained.

It also symbolizes the willingness and dedication of coalition members to work closely with friends in the region and apply all available dimensions of national power necessary -- diplomatic, informational, military and economic -- to degrade and ultimately destroy ISIL, officials added.