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Immediate Release

Esper Delegation of Duties

July 23, 2019

Statement from Pentagon Chief Spokesperson Jonathan Hoffman:

Following strong, bipartisan confirmation by the U.S. Senate, the President appointed Dr. Mark T. Esper to be the 27th Secretary of Defense. Secretary Esper has been sworn in and has the full authority and responsibility of the Secretary of Defense. Earlier today, the Senate received the President’s formal nomination of David Norquist to be Deputy Secretary of Defense. In deference to the Senate, Mr. Norquist has ceased to perform the duties of the Deputy Secretary of Defense and is solely serving as the Under Secretary of Defense (Comptroller)/Chief Financial Officer.  Secretary of the Navy Richard V. Spencer has ceased to serve as Acting Secretary of Defense and, as delegated by Secretary Esper, is now performing the duties of Deputy Secretary of Defense, in addition to remaining Secretary of the Navy. With Dr. Esper’s resignation as Secretary of the Army, Under Secretary of the Army Ryan McCarthy is now Acting Secretary of the Army.