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Immediate Release

Department of Defense Announces Progress on Design and Implementation of New Civilian Employee Performance Management System and Appointment Procedures

July 30, 2014

The Department of Defense released its report to Congress yesterday on the progress that has been made implementing new civilian employee personnel authorities during the past six months.

As part of this implementation, the department will establish a three-level performance appraisal system for the vast majority of its civilian employees that will link organizational mission and goals to individual performance plans.

While the implementation timeline has not yet been determined, the department-wide performance appraisal system is one of many initiatives that resulted from Congressional direction to implement improved civilian personnel authorities. The department will continue to involve employees through the national level unions as we develop policy on the new authorities.

Additionally, the performance appraisal system will provide a fair, credible, and transparent system that links employee bonuses and other performance-based actions to the employee performance appraisal.

The department will continue to provide periodic progress updates, and is focused on training for supervisors and managers, as well as improving the skills and advisory capability of its human resource practitioner workforce.

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