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Immediate Release

Deputy Secretary of Defense Bob Work’s Visit to the United Kingdom

Jan. 17, 2016

Deputy Secretary of Defense Spokesperson Lt. Cmdr. Courtney Hillson provided the following:

Deputy Secretary of Defense Bob Work visited the U.K. Jan. 14-17, concluding the last leg of a six-day trip that included a visit to Israel.

The deputy secretary met with senior U.K. government officials in Cheltenham and Hereford, to include the Minister of State for Defense Procurement Philip Dunne.  They discussed global security issues, bilateral defense cooperation, and initiatives to improve combined force posture and capabilities.  They also discussed the importance and comprehensive decisions of the U.K.’s Strategic Defense and Security Review (SDSR), to include the U.K.’s increased investments in cyber, special operations and innovation. 

The deputy secretary conveyed appreciation for the U.K.’s decision to continue meeting the NATO defense investment pledge, dedicating two percent of GDP to defense spending.  Defense capabilities afforded by this position the U.K. to play a leading role in addressing future threats.  Work noted this tough political decision sends a clear signal of the U.K.’s commitment to a strong and capable alliance and also is an example of continued U.K. leadership in NATO.  Additionally, the SDSR results enable new opportunities to deepen bilateral defense cooperation. 

Work expressed that our partnership with allies and partners in Europe is critical to ensure we can meet challenges to our common security from wherever they may come. 

Throughout his visit, Work thanked service members, civilians and their families for their ongoing commitment to defense.