Press Gaggle by Acting Secretary Shanahan

March 12, 2019
Acting Secretary Of Defense Patrick M. Shanahan

ACTING SECRETARY OF DEFENSE PATRICK SHANAHAN:  I've got to get back.  How are you?

Q:  How are you?

Q:  Good, how are you?

SEC. SHANAHAN:  Good, good, good.  We're ready for the budget roll-out today?

Q:  Absolutely.

SEC. SHANAHAN:  I think it'll be good.  It's going to be a good week.  We -- I get to spend some time up on the Hill Thursday, so we'll lay out the posture for the department.

Q:  Anything you can tell us about why President Trump is coming here on Friday?

STAFF:  No.  Sir -- sir, they're arriving.  It's time to go.

STAFF:  Mr. Secretary? Mr. Shanahan?

SEC. SHANAHAN:  I can.  Yeah.  Let me just do this, but I'll get back to you on that, all right?

Q:  Okay.

Q:  We'll be here.

SEC. SHANAHAN:  We're going to keep you up to date.