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Media Availability with Acting Secretary Shanahan Prior to an Enhanced Honor Cordon Welcoming French Minister of Armed Forces Florence Parly

March 18, 2019
Acting Secretary of Defense Patrick M. Shanahan


Q:  Sir, you said in front of the Senate committee that you did not object if there was a -- an IG Review with your -- your relationship with Boeing.  Have you been told yet that there's going to be an actual review or investigation, given that there's now this public interest group complaint?  Will there be a review of your --


Q:  -- Boeing?

SEC. SHANAHAN:  I haven't heard anything.


Q:  -- Were you surprised that you were not nominated on Friday?


SEC. SHANAHAN:  We're going to have a good meeting today, you know?

(UNKNOWN):  Yes.


Q:  -- What do you think of that report of 1,000 killed in Syria, sir?


SEC. SHANAHAN:  Okay, I'll you an update in a little bit, okay?  No change to the plan.