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Press Gaggle By Acting Secretary Shanahan

March 26, 2019
Acting Secretary Of Defense Patrick M. Shanahan

Q:  Mr. Secretary?  Can we have a second?



SEC. SHANAHAN:  What a beautiful day, huh?

Q:  It's wonderful.

Q:  How do you feel after that marathon session?

SEC. SHANAHAN:  Good.  I like, I mean, anytime you get a chance to talk to Congress, it's always good.

Q:  Can you clarify about the second Niger investigation, is that a second review?

SEC. SHANAHAN:  Well, I’ll clarify on that tomorrow, I just want to do this exercise here.

Q:  Sir, with the airplanes we really can’t hear you…

SEC. SHANAHAN:  Yeah, no, I just - I'll - I'll give you that statement tomorrow.

Q:  Mr. Secretary, Chairman Smith says he has denied DOD's request to use $1 billion in counter-narcotics on the border wall.  What happens next?

SEC. SHANAHAN:  I don't know, I got that memo today so we'll take a look and see what that means.

Q:  (Inaudible)?

SEC. SHANAHAN:  It's going to be a great meeting, going to be a wonderful meeting.

SEC. SHANAHAN:  Thank you.