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Media Availability with Secretary Carter at the Basilica of Bom Jesus in Goa, India

April 10, 2016
Secretary of Defense Ashton Carter

               SECRETARY OF DEFENSE ASH CARTER:  Thank you.  Father, Father, Father, appreciate it, appreciate your having us.  What a special and memorable and very holy place.  I'm honored to be here.  Thank you and bless you all. 


               Bless you, Father. 


               STAFF:  Thank you. 


               Q:  (OFF-MIKE)


               SEC. CARTER:  This is a very significant visit because we have so many activities that we're doing together jointly to help secure this part of the world and other parts of the world, our great partner in India. 


               India, of course, has its own interests that it pursues.  But our interests overlap in many important ways.  And where they do overlap, the minister and I work together to make the world safer, and make a better world for our children.


               Q:  (OFF-MIKE)


               SEC. CARTER:  Oh yes -- no, that's a very important thing.  It's one of Prime Minister Modi's priorities.  And Minister Parrikar reflecting that in our defense activities by stressing co-production, co-development, and technology-sharing, rather than a simple model in which India buys military systems from other countries. 


               We want to have a different kind of relationship in which we're sharing technology.  And that's what we've been talking about. 


               STAFF:  All right.  Thanks, everyone.  Thank you, everyone.  Thanks, everyone. 



- END -