Matthew Flynn

Former Deputy Assistant Secretary of Defense for Counternarcotics and Global Threats

Mr. Matthew Flynn formerly served as the Deputy Assistant Secretary of Defense (DASD) for Counternarcotics and Global Threats (CN&GT). In that capacity, he developed strategy and policy, establishes priorities, and provides guidance applicable to DoD counternarcotics, counter threat finance and counter transnational crime activities consistent with national security and defense strategies and with DoD policies and objectives.  These missions focus on countering illicit drug trafficking, but also include countering illicit financial flows and the illicit trafficking of people, wildlife, natural resources, and weapons. He also oversaw an annual budget of over $765 million.

Before becoming DASD CN&GT, Mr. Flynn previously served in several roles within the United States Government at the Department of the Interior, the White House, the Department of State, the Senate, and the House of Representatives.

At the White House, Mr. Flynn served in various roles, but most recently as Deputy Assistant to the President and acting White House Cabinet Secretary. In that role, Mr. Flynn served as the primary liaison between the President and the Cabinet.

Mr. Flynn also currently serves as a Judge Advocate in the North Carolina Army National Guard. He was most recently deployed to the Middle East in support of Special Operations Joint Task Force – Operation Inherent Resolve.

Mr. Flynn holds a Bachelor of Arts in Political Science from Michigan State University, a Juris Doctor from Western Michigan Cooley Law School, a Master of Strategic Studies from the U.S. Army War College, and is finishing a Master of Science and Technology Intelligence (MSTI) with a concentration in Cyber Intelligence and Data Analytics at the National Intelligence University.