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Developer Info

Developer Resources

The Department of Defense Developers Page connects government and citizen developers with the tools they need to access DOD data. Software developers and researchers can use these resources to help people find useful DOD information. In support of Section 924 of Fiscal Year 2012 National Defense Authorization Act, the DOD Chief Information Officer encourages and fosters the use, support, development and enhancement of the Ozone Widget Framework.

Existing DOD Mobile Applications

Visit the DOD Mobile App Gallery to see mobile apps provided by the DOD that use public DOD information.

Public Web Application Programming Interfaces (APIs)

Web APIs for public DOD data include:

More information about Web APIs is available on's API website. Contact us at if you would like your public DOD API added to our list.

Web Services

The Department of Defense has thousands of web services available to the public. Visit the Department of Defense Registered Sites List to view the current services.


Developers creating applications for the DOD are required to follow the Mobile Applications Security Requirements Guide (SRG). We strongly encourage non-DOD app developers to apply the security considerations in the SRG as well. The Information Assurance Support Environment also provides important mobile-related security guidance and training on its site.


DOD Developers creating applications for the DOD are required to follow the policy set forth in DOD Manual 8400.01, "Procedures for Ensuring the Accessibility of Electronic and Information Technology (E&IT) Procured by DOD Organizations" (pdf). We strongly encourage non-DOD app developers to apply the accessibility considerations in the manual as well.

Code Repositories and Open Source Projects


Please visit the DOD Knowledge Base to find answers to common DOD questions, or contact us at for questions or comments specific to the content of this page.


Not all mobile apps created to use Department of Defense data or information are endorsed by the Department of Defense, as such apps may be created by third-party developers outside the review and oversight of the Department of Defense.