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Frequently Asked Questions
> How long does it take for a link to be approved?
Once submitted, approval takes up to ten (10) business days.

> Why do you need a government or military point of contact phone number and email address?
For our records we must maintain the official point of contact for each site. This person must be a government or military employee.

> Why do you need a technical point of contact phone number and email address?
For our records we would like to maintain a list of technical points of contacts such that in the event of any technical difficulties with your site, we know who to contact.

> Who do I contact to update my information in the directory?
Please contact the Public Web Helpdesk at 210.800.8070 (COMM) or
Is registration mandatory or optional?
Registration of External Official Presences is mandatory as required by DOD DTM-09-026 (PDF, 400kb).
For Technical Assistance
Contact the Public Web Helpdesk

Register a Web Site

Per DOD Web Policy, the registration of social media presences is required. The form below shall be used to register official websites of DOD, the services, National Guard and all other DOD-related entities. It should not be used to register social media sites.

Official social media accounts shall be registered via service-specific registry. After a service has approved a site, it will be added to the main DOD registry. DOD and combatant command level social media accounts should be registered using this registration form.

Please select at least one (1) and up to five (5) keywords that describe your site from the list below:

Government Point of Contact (Official Duty Information Only)


DSN or Commercial?
DSN or Commercial?

Technical Point of Contact (Optional)


DSN or Commercial?
DSN or Commercial?