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DOD Innovates

To meet the need to innovate with urgency in the 21st century, the Defense Department has relentlessly focused on executing a customer-centric innovation strategy, where the main customer is the warfighter. Over the last two and half years, efforts to innovate have spanned all steps in the process, from policy to acquisition. The department's newest initiative, Replicator, is the next step in these efforts.



DOD's defense innovation policy aims to improve warfighting capabilities through adopting technologies and processes to address challenges from competitors.

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DOD innovation initiatives focus on accelerating the adoption of commercial and dual-use technology to solve operational challenges strengthen national security.

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Experimentation and Prototyping

DOD aims to test, measure, optimize and field new technologies that will advance missions and create the force of the future.

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Acquisition Modernization

DOD works to acquire late-stage research and development or other innovative technologies to reduce the burden for commercial companies to compete.

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Scaling and Transition

DOD sources and scales cutting-edge commercial technologies to solve the most critical operational problems.

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