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Tackling the Climate Crisis

The planet's changing climate has a significant effect on Defense Department missions, plans and installations. DOD is elevating climate change as a national security priority, integrating climate considerations into policies, strategies and partner engagements.

DOD Climate Resilience Portal

Climate Action Climate Action


Challenges Challenges

10 +

DOD bases impacted by natural disasters and extreme weather events from 2017-2021; more than $13B in damages

Icon of budiling cracked from eartquake

100 %

Geographic combatant commands affected by climate-related impacts in 2019

Icon of the Earth

1,700 +

DOD sites that could be affected by sea-level rise

Icon of a house with sea level rising

Goals Goals


Icon of the Earth in the care of a hand

Conservation of at least 30% of U.S. lands, oceans


Icon of pollution from a power plant

Carbon pollution-free power sector in U.S.


Icon of a power cord with a leaf

U.S. achieves a net-zero economy

DOD Climate Adaptation PlanClimate Adaptation

infographic of DOD 2021 Adaption Plan
infographic of DOD 2021 Adaption Plan continued

DoD Sustainability By the Numbers By the Numbers


sun and wind power icon white sun and wind power icon

Consumed 6% of its electricity from renewable sources such as sunlight & wind in FY19

white energy consumption icon

Reduced facility energy energy consumption icon consumption by 20.9% since 2003


white car icon

Reduced vehicle fuel car icon use by 25 since 2005

white gas pump icon

Since 2005, alternative fuel consumption gas pump icon has increased 188%


water icon white water drop icon

Reduced waterwater drop icon use intensity by 28% since 2007

water conservation icon white water conservation icon

DoD continues to use high-efficiency plumbing,water pipe icon leak detection and water conservation in landscaping to reduce water use


garbage truck icon white garbage truck icon

Diverted 86% of construction and demolition debris

trash can icon white trash can icon

Diverted 39% of municipal waste

DOD SustainabilitySustainability

Sustaining DOD’s built and natural infrastructure and systems is necessary to improve readiness. This allows our military to fight, train and provide humanitarian support anywhere in the world. DOD’s vision for military sustainability is to maintain or advance these capabilities in the future.

shield with lock protection icon


DOD seeks to protect the mission from natural and human-made threats while maintaining a strategic advantage by effectively managing built and natural infrastructure and systems.

tank icon

Increase Resiliency

By strategically planning and investing to protect built and natural infrastructure and systems today, DOD ensures readiness when natural or human-made threats arise tomorrow.

military soldier icon

Support The Mission

Built and natural infrastructure and systems are critical to every aspect of DOD’s mission. DOD ensures infrastructure and systems to fight, train and uphold the nation’s global presence through sustainability-informed decision-making.

piggy bank icon

Save Money

DOD advocates for full life-cycle cost effectiveness encompassing mission, performance, cost and availability.


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