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Pandemic Revealed Supply Chain Vulnerability, Pentagon Official Says

One of the biggest lessons learned during the COVID-19 pandemic is that the supply chain is vulnerable to offshore suppliers, particularly adversaries such as China, a senior Pentagon official said.


DOD Officials Discuss Cybersecurity Standards

  • Defense.gov
  • Jan. 31, 2020 | 43:28

Ellen M. Lord, undersecretary of defense for acquisition and sustainment; Kevin Fahey, assistant secretary of defense for acquisition; and Katie Arrington, special assistant to the assistant secretary of defense for acquisition for cyber, conduct a news conference on cybersecurity standards for government acquisition at the Pentagon, Jan. 31, 2020.


America’s Nuclear Triad

The triad, along with assigned forces, provide 24/7 deterrence to prevent catastrophic actions from our adversaries and they stand ready, if necessary, to deliver a decisive response, anywhere, anytime.

Victory in Europe Day: Time of Celebration, Reflection

On Victory in Europe Day, or V-E Day, Germany unconditionally surrendered its military forces to the Allies, including the United States.

Making a Mark - Army Marksmanship Unit

Imagine spending all day, every day, practicing trick shots with a shotgun, taking out 10 moving targets with a pistol in six seconds flat, or perfecting your shot toward a target the size of a period.


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