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How can I interview a POW from the Vietnam War?

Published: 03/06/19 | Updated: 03/18/19

Due to the provisions of the Privacy Act, we at the Department of Defense cannot give out specific information on a veteran such as; name, phone number or address. The individual(s) in question must grant their permission to such requests. We can recommend that you contact the nearest Veterans of Foreign Wars, American Legion, Vietnam Veterans of America or other veterans organization office. If they have a local post, you may be able to attend one of their meetings to make your request directly.

We can also provide some helpful links that may offer more information to you:

The Defense POW/MIA Accounting Agency (DPAA):

Department of Veterans Affairs:

The official site for the Department of Defense:

The Library of Congress POW/MIA Database:

The websites below are NOT U.S. government sites and we do not take responsibility for their content. We list them in case the information they contain may be helpful to you:

American Legion:

Veterans of Foreign Wars:

Vietnam Veterans of America:

The Vietnam Center (at Texas Tech University):

Home page of the Vietnam-era Prisoners of War (1961-1973):