Military OneSource: Personnel Accountability, Preparedness

July 6, 2021

Accounting for yourself – sharing information about your status and whereabouts – is critically important during a disaster.

Department of Defense-affiliated personnel and their family members can use these disaster and evacuation emergency contacts to self-account during natural and man-made disasters.

An infographic provides information about personnel accountability and disaster preparedness.
Personnel Accountability During a Disaster or Pandemic
Personnel Accountability During a Disaster or Pandemic
Photo By: Military OneSource
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The Personnel Accountability e-Tutorial on Military OneSource offers important information on how to account for yourself and others during disasters.

Additional Personnel Accountability Resources: 

A poster includes images of disasters and information about the Army Disaster Personnel Accountability and Assessment System.
Army Disaster Personnel Accountability and Assessment System
Army Disaster Personnel Accountability and Assessment System
Photo By: DOD
VIRIN: 210630-D-D0439-102

Preparedness for Military Families

Military OneSource also provides information on preparing for disasters and dealing with their aftermath for service members and their families: 

Emergency Family Assistance

Don’t Get Left Behind: How to Evacuate When Disaster Strikes

Before-and-After Steps and Resources for Disasters

Creating a Family Emergency Plan

Preparing Your Family For Emergencies – The Essentials

Home Disaster Planning – The Essentials

Steps to Take After a Flood, Fire or Other Natural Disaster

American Red Cross Support for Military Families

Military Relief Organizations and Emergency Financial Help


A man looks at the camera. - Kevin Greene poses for a photo in 2007.

A soldier in a Civil War-era uniform sits for a photo. - Army 1st Lt. Axel H. Reed, Medal of Honor recipient.

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