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MJCOC Nominations

To be selected, first be nominated.

The Mini Joint Civilian Orientation Conference (MJCOC) focuses on educating private-sector American civilian professionals from a targeted industry about their military.

Nominations are accepted by select DOD officials, military departments, and JCOC and MJCOC alumni.

Hundreds of individuals are nominated each year to fill 30 slots. Selections are based on qualifications of the nominee and are determined by an inter-service selection panel.

A nomination to the MJCOC program is not a guarantee or an entitlement for selection.

Frequently Asked Questions

Nominees are private-sector, American civilians who have limited to no experience with their military. Nominees should demonstrate:

  • Influence with cross-generational, cross-geographical and diverse audiences.

Nominators must discuss the process with nominees prior to nomination to establish basic eligibility requirements and ensure that, if selected, nominees are available to participate in the entire conference. Nominees must also be informed that their nomination does not mean selection or entitlement to the program.

"I feel beyond privileged to have been given this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to meet so many incredible people at all levels of experience and service, who all exemplify the uppermost reaches of America’s ingenuity, grit, resilience, abilities and kindness."

Hungry Fan, LLC

Daina Falk

"Silicon Valley and the military have an opportunity to innovate in a way that would serve generations to come."

Glu Mobile, Director, Product Management

Laura Teclemariam