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United States Department of Defense -
Threat Advisory Defcon alert - Elevated

Jan. 14, 2010

Major Military Support for Haiti - At a GlancE

USS Carl Vinson

  • Floating airfield arrived Jan. 15
  • 19 heavy-lift helicopters conducting support missions
  • Delivering 30 pallets of relief supplies
  • 51 onboard hospital beds, three operating rooms

Carl Vinson Web site >>

USS Higgins

  • U.S. Navy destroyer arrived Jan. 15
  • Providing airlift support and humanitarian relief

Higgins Web site >>

USNS Comfort

  • 250-bed floating hospital
  • 550 medical professionals aboard
  • Advanced medical treatment facilities
  • Helicopter deck aboard
  • Departed Baltimore Jan. 16, to arrive in Haiti Jan. 21

Comfort Web site >>

82nd Airborne Division

  • 3,500 paratroopers began arriving Jan. 14
  • Distributing humanitarian aid
  • Supporting search-and-rescue missions
  • Poised to provide security support as required

82nd Airborne Web site >>

22nd Marine Expeditionary Unit

  • 2,000 Marines to arrive Jan. 18
  • Embarked on USS Bataan, USS Fort McHenry and USS Carter Hall
  • To support humanitarian assistance, search-and-rescue and security missions as required

22nd MEU Website >>

USS Bataan

  • Lead amphibious ship transporting Marine forces
  • Transiting with USS Fort McHenry and USS Carter Hall
  • Carrying heavy-lift and earth-moving equipment, medical supplies
  • To arrive Jan. 18

Bataan Web site >>

C-17 Globemaster III

  • Providing continual deliveries of troops and aid
  • Made first deliveries Jan. 14


C-130 Hercules

  • Delivered first 6 tons of cargo, vehicles and equipment Jan. 13
  • Providing continual deliveries of troops and aid

How to Help

Donate to the Clinton Bush Haiti Fund

Text “QUAKE” to 20222 to charge a $10 donation. Donate Online

Donate to the Red Cross

Text "HAITI" to "90999" to charge a $10 donation. The amount will be charged to your cell phone bill. Donate Online

For other options, visit: