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WASHINGTON, July 28, 1998 – The International Year of the Ocean


 "The sea never changes, and its works, for all the talk of  man, are wrapped in mystery."

 Joseph Conrad

 British writer



 "Beginnings are apt to be shadowy, and so is the beginning  of the great mother life, the sea."

 Rachel Carson

 American biologist



 "It is not the taking of individual ships or convoys, be  they few or many, that strikes down the money power of a  nation; it is the possession of that overbearing power on  the sea which drives the enemy’s flag from i..."

 Rear Adm. Alfred Thayer Mahan

 American naval officer



 "Who can say of a particular sea that it is old? Distilled  by the sun, kneaded by the moon, it is renewed in a year, in  a day, or in an hour."

 Thomas Hardy

 English writer



 "He who commands the sea has command of everything."


 Athenian general

 c.528-462 B.C.

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