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Robert C. Martinage

Principal Deputy Assistant Secretary of Defense, Special Operations/Low-Intensity and Interdependent
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Robert  C.  Martinage
Mr. Martinage assists the ASD (SO/LIC&IC) on the operational employment and capabilities of special operations forces. He also assists the ASD on counterterrorism, irregular warfare, counternarcotics, and special activities. In his Interdependent Capabilities role, he is currently serving on the Analysis and Integration Cell for the 2009 Quadrennial Defense Review and also provides senior-level advice on ongoing program reviews. 
Prior to his appointment as PDASD (SO/LIC&IC), Mr. Martinage was a Vice President at the Center for Strategic and Budgetary Assessments (CSBA) where he was responsible for carrying out a broad research program on defense strategy and planning, military modernization, and future warfare for government, foundation, and corporate clients. He has more than 14 years of experience designing, conducting, and analyzing war games for, and providing senior-level analytic support to, the Department of Defense (DoD). He was the lead analyst on over 40 wargames and numerous studies focused on special operations, irregular warfare, conventional operations in high-end threat environments, and strategic deterrence and warfare. He also authored numerous CSBA analytic reports and monographs, including Special Operations Forces-Future Challenges and Opportunities (2008), which prompted an invitation to testify before the House Armed Services Subcommittee on Terrorism, Unconventional Threats and Capabilities in March 2009; and The Global War on Terrorism: An Assessment (2007), which was highlighted by the Council on Foreign Relations as a "must read." From 1993-1997, Mr. Martinage worked on contracts for OSD, the Central Intelligence Agency, and the Department of Energy while employed by Science Applications International Corporation in McLean, VA. Prior to that, Mr. Martinage served briefly in the US Department of State, serving as a special assistant to the chairman of the interagency Missile Technology Export Control (MTEC) group.
Mr. Martinage holds a MA from The Fletcher School of Law & Diplomacy with fields of concentration in International Security Studies, Southwest Asia, International Negotiation & Conflict Resolution, and Civilization & Foreign Affairs. Mr. Martinage earned his BA cum laude from Dartmouth College in Government with concentrations in International Relations and Political Theory & Public Law.

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